“people on the street shout at me, ‘misfits, misfits!’”

by liza darwin

Sure, everyone who's lucky enough to have the U.K. television channel E4 probably already has a full-fledged Misfits addiction. But now that both seasons of the Brit hit have invaded Hulu, those of us stuck stateside can get hooked, too. While we're waiting until the next episode airs on Monday, we chatted with Iwan Rheon, who plays Simon, about the show's American reception, Radiohead, and getting shouted at from strangers on the street.

Misfits is already really popular in the U.K., but did you expect to have an American following as well? We actually don't really know how it's gone over in America, but that's good to hear! When we first started the show, we knew from the script that it was going to be good, just because it's so funny and smart. But you never really know how it will turn out, so it was great to see it come together so well.

It almost has a movie-like quality to it....that's kind of what we're going for. I think the show struck a chord with young people because it's got so much ingenuity going on and a really clever script. We want to show that you can make TV a dramatic cinematic experience, too.

Do you and the rest of the cast hang out when you're not filming? We do. We've become close, like a crazy little family [laughing].

You play music, as well. Do you have plans for an album?

I have an EP out soon. I play music in my spare time, which isn't as much as I would like [laughing]. My first EP was kind of an acoustic-based sound that had very little production- sounded sort of like I recorded it in my bedroom. I don't want to make a career out of it, but it's fun right now.

What music do you like to listen to? I'm really into reggae and soul and also older bands like The Clash, Radiohead, all that.

Can you say anything about season 3 of Misfits? We're in the middle of filming right now; all I can say is there are some cool new powers and cool new people and lots of different obstacles. It's going to be exciting, trust me.

Besides the show, what else are you working on? I just wrapped up a couple of low budget films, Resistance and Wild Bill. Wild Bill was actually written and directed by Robert Sheehan's dad, so that's kind of cool.

Do you get recognized on the street?

Yeah, I do get recognized. It's kind of weird, but it's gradually been happening more and more often. People on the street will shout at me, 'Misfits, Misfits!' It's really funny.

Watch Misfits on Hulu here.