the insider: jacquelyn jablonski

“yeah, i’ve had some crazy makeup looks in my job!”

by liza darwin

The models at Prabal Gurung may have rocked splashy peacock blue eyeshadow at the ungodly Saturday morning hour of 11 a.m., but that's nothing for Jacquelyn Jablonski. The New Jersey native has been modeling for years, fronting campaigns for everyone from Tommy Hilfilger to Victoria's Secret- so needless to say, she's had her fair share of beauty adventures. The 20-year-old filled us in on these crazy makeup moments, along with music, shopping and Twitter, just before she hit the runway. Meet our latest model crush below!

It's day three of Fashion Week, but what number show are you on right now? Prabal is my fourth show this season.

What do you think of your look in the show? I love it! I really like the blue eyeshadow, it's pretty.

In your modeling career, what's the craziest makeup look you'd ever had? It's tough to remember! Probably the Dior Couture shows, to be honest. It seems like you're always getting stuff stuck on to your face, your eyelids, your forehead. It's wild and always takes a while to get off. Yeah...I've had some crazy makeup looks in my job!

So when you're not working, do you keep your look pretty lowkey? Makeup-wise, yeah. Maybe a little mascara, some blush in the winter just so I don't look, like, dead [laughing].

Who is on your iPod right now? I really like Black Keys, Kanye, Lykke music taste is kind of all over the place right now.

Where do you like to shop? I live in New York, so I like to shop all over the city. There are some vintage stores I like, and then I can always find stuff at places like Zara, Barneys, Intermix.

Do you have Twitter? Yes I do- it's @JLJablonski. Tweet at me!