“maybe one day we’ll be like, ‘what were we thinking, wearing that?!’”

by liza darwin

Jessica Hart has worked it in front of the camera for everyone from H&M to L'Oreal (as well as appearing in our '60s package in the new issue of NYLON). Next up, the Australian model is trying her hand at design with a new collection for Pencey Standard.

But don't worry, the 25-year-old hasn't retreated behind the camera completely for her latest project. After all, who better to model her "dream wardrobe" than Hart herself?

On Friday, she invited us to her showroom and walked us through the collection piece by piece. Get the scoop below, and begin making your shopping lists now....the clothes hit stores this spring.


Shop Pencey here.

"I love the orange color. It's not too neon bright, and it looks really great against skin."

"In the lookbook I wanted to wear everything-even nicer dresses- with Converse, because that's what I like to do in real life."

"We did all of these jersey pieces that were inspired by the clothes I like to wear, like leopard."

"It’s a new take on pajama dressing. It’s about taking a few pieces and dressing it up a bit so that it’s not super sloppy."

On participating in trends she regrets: "You have to make those mistakes, and who knows- maybe one day we’ll look back and be like, 'What were we thinking wearing that? Denim on denim, really?” But now I love it!"

"I wear denim shorts all the time, so it was important for me that the cut of these was flattering and worked."

"In a way it’s kind of dangerous, because it was basically me picking out my dream wardrobe. I wanted to do lots of different florals."

"The collection was based on what I wear, and also what I like to wear. The floral shorts are amazing. They’re really fun- I love them."