the model talks bieber fever, hair extensions, and a new top secret project.

by ray siegel

We interrupted Australian angel, Jessica Hart, while she was mid-Instagram backstage during the taping of the Victoria Secret Fashion show. She was a bit nervous because it was her first time walking in the show. That and the fact that she was walking down the runway with pops most popular star. "I'm coming out with Justin Bieber—as if this wasn't nerve wracking enough! I'll have him there making me weak in the knees. I saw him during rehearself and he's adorable."

Here's what else Hart has to say about life in wings.

Other than having Bieber fever, what other music are you listening to now?

These days—it sucks—but I find myself so not listening to music. It annoys me. The only time I think to put it on is when I'm on set. If everything is dying and the mood is fading I usually turn on a Rihanna album. It always helps pump up everything. in general if I'm on a road trip I'll listen to classic rockn'roll.

What's your favorite beauty product to use on set?

Highlighter is something that everyone should use. My favorite is Rosemary Swift's living luminizer. She's the main makeup artist on set when we shoot the VS catalog. She developed a line of products—everything's amazing, but the highlighter is just insane.

Are you working on any non-modeling projects right now?

Yeah, lots of things! I cant say right now because I'm still in the midst of working stuff out. I've been working on it for two years? All I can say is that it's a line of some sort.

What sort of beauty torture have you undergone today?

Hair extensions! I'm trying to get them to chop some of them out. It's a bit much. I'm just not used to it. I have a few extra eyelashes in too.

What's your favorite designer to wear right now?

"Equipment shirts. I probably have about 15 of them. You can dress them up and dress them down. I'm wearing one today actually."

Which shoes are you wearing these days?

Charlotte Olympia.

Are you jealous that you don't get to wear the famous jeweled bra?

Not at all!

That job is better left for veteran Alessandra Ambrosia. We've already seen the live show—so take it from us—you're going to want to tune in to watch the full show tonight!

Also while backstage...we saw Cara Delevingne getting her makeup done plus with Liu Wen on a fake tattooing spree.