house of holland’s stylist speaks!

by faran krentcil

It's almost time for Nylon's London Issue, and as a teaser, we recruited one of the city's busiest stylists to dish about her life with House of Holland.

As the British pop brand heads into its third runway season at London Fashion Week, Sam Ranger takes a second to show us her seams.

When was the first time you styled?

My mum was a fashion editor so I was on shoots my whole childhood. I was in the womb for a lot of her best editorial!...

In terms of my own actual "work" it was probably choosing costumes for friends when, aged 5, I would force them to act in my handwritten plays.

How do you describe your job to clueless people?

I make pretty people look  prettier in pretty clothes. 

Which projects are you most proud of styling?

Being fashion editor at POP was amazing and I'm really pleased with everything I did there... Probably my involvement with House of Holland has given me the most proud moments, though... Last season was very tear-inducing - seeing that great line-up of models with Agyness Deyn at the helm, and having people recognize that it was a blooming brand and house outside of just the slogan t-shirt.

What things must you bring to every shoot?

...I always like to have a pair of Mickey Mouse ears somewhere there but that's usually for me.

What would your House of Holland shirt say?

I'm always asking Henry to make me one. Hold on a minute - I'm gonna text him and ask him.......Ok I'm back - it apparently would be: SHE'S FIERCE SHE'S MAJOR SHE'S SAM FUCKING RANGER.

How do you pose for a party photo?

I've never really learned to perfect the pose.  - I generally end up just smiling like a moron.