we knocked a few back with kate mara, rosario dawson, and the rest of the reunion movie’s cast.

by ray siegel

I don't know how I'll feel about going to my high school reunion when the time comes, but the new movie 10 Years gives an argument for not ditching the milestone. It follows a group of friends who get together for their big reunion--and who quickly realize that as much as things change as we get older, some things stay the same. The case includes some of our favorite actors, including Kate Mara, Ari Graynor, Chris Pratt, Rosario Dawson, and Channing Tatum (no really, we love Channing), so when I was invited to meet up with them for a boozy brunch to talk more about the movie that premieres today, I know I couldn't miss out on this, either. In between bites of crepes and omelettes, here's what the cast remembered from their wild shoot.


"They originally wanted us to do a karaoke night, but I think they realized that this is a dangerous group to get drunk and do press! This group likes to have fun. People would have a few too many drinks and say and do things that need to be kept private."—Ari Graynor, "Sam"

"It's a good thing that we shot in New Mexico and not somewhere near the press because there was a lot going on! It was before Magic Mike, so no one knew we were there."—Rosario Dawson, "Mary"


"Chris Pratt. There's one scene where he gets on stage and starts singing "lady in red." It's pretty hilarious to watch...and really sad."—Kate Mara, "Elise"

"Watching Chris Pratt scene for scene for scene. He would do something different every take. I don't even know how the editor could choose a scene because it was just piss laughter every time. It was ridiculous how funny he was."—Rosario Dawson, "Mary"

"Any moment that Chris Pratt was in the vicinity."—Max Minghella, "AJ"

"Watching my wife destroy the "Dance Dance Revolution" video game."—Channing Tatum, "Jake"


"It was like movie camp; we were all friends and there were little groups within that. There was always the group that you knew would be out until five in the morning. The different archetypes of the groups was fun to watch."—Ari Graynor, "Sam"

"One of the Albuquerque bars that we shot in had a sign up that read "minors not allowed unless accompanied by their adult spouse." If you have sex with a minor and you marry her it's legal to go in and have a drink. I don't know what high school was like there, but that sign was unnerving."—Rosario Dawson, "Mary"


"We were looking to strip away everything that comes along with big budget filming. From a creative standpoint it's counter intuitive. You're shooting scenes out of order. If you have a long rehearsal period you can figure it out, but everyday you're going, "What's this scene? What's the point?" Movies like that can feel schizophrenic. We wanted to do something that we could film chronologically. The script was really loose and all of the actors were collaborating. We just rolled the camera and saw what happened. We wanted to do something where the actors had control and the ability to make decisions."—Jamie Linden, Director

"It was about trying to be truthful. I'm not a mother. I'm not married. So this was a departure for me, how to tell their story and being authentic without knowing that experience personally."—Ari Graynor, "Sam"

And since I promised Kate Mara that I'd quote her on this one, "It's worth seeing." So is Kate Mara's brunch outfit, which is why we featured her as Best Dressed.