the knowmatic hoodie by jeff staple for SEV

Necessity is the mother of invention - Plato

by Josh Madden

The Knowmatic Hoodie by Jeff Staple for SEV

Anyone who has ever flown an early morning flight, or a red eye flight, or a flight with a ton of kids on it, or a flight after a night at the bar or...wait, let's just say anyone who has ever flown


might want to check this Knowmatic Hoodie out. What is Knowmatic all about, you ask? Well here's the deal...

Our buddy 

Jeff Staple

, wearer of many hats (and hoodies) spends a lot of time in transit, and like any good inventor, he could never just settle for decent travel wear. It was Plato who is credited with the proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention" and it's Staple who put a zipper on it. His partnership with Scottevest, dubbed "The world's most fashionable and functional hoodie" boasts 15 pockets, including Pad Pockets large enough to hold an iPad Mini, eyeglass pocket made of a lens cleaning chamois material, clear touch phone pocket to see and control your touchscreen phone through the clear material, and a built in "Do Not Disturb" sleeper mask.

The comprehensive list of amenities in this limited-edition garment can be found 


and you can check out the discussion between Staple and Scottevest founder Scott Jordan and the demonstration below. Follow Staple on Twitter


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, and pick up one of the 350 limited edition Knowmatic Hoodies