listening party: the kooks

how to find your next brit rock obsession.

by liza darwin

Attention: everybody who's been nursing a Brit rock-shaped hole in your heart. You don't have to! First of all, The Kooks, one of our favorite happy-go-lucky groups from across the pond, just dropped a new single and announced  they're releasing a brand new album, Listen, this September.

Obviously this gives us an instant reason to revisit Inside In/Inside Out while staring at photos of Luke Pritchard, but after that's done? There's no better time than now to check out all of the other indie rock bands out there that share similar qualities to The Kooks: male-fronted, guitar-driven, and hopscotching the line between chill-out listening and dance party. A winning combination to kickstart your weekend, if you ask us. 

WHO: Saint Raymond

WHAT: Clap-happy jams that'll boost your mood instantly. He's only 18, but has already garnered comparisons to Wolf Gang and Bastille.

LISTEN: "Young Blood"

WHO: Drowners

WHAT: NYC downtown dance vibes-meets-British-politeness (frontman Matt is from South Wales).

LISTEN: "Luv, Hold Me Down"

WHO: Jake Bugg

WHAT: Nottingham wunderkind with rebellious lyrics and a major twang.

LISTEN: "Lightning Bolt"

WHO: Trampolene

WHAT: Garage-rock, guitar-driven indie rock, pure and simple.

LISTEN: "You Do Nothing For Me"

WHO: Shy Nature

WHAT: Easygoing, summertime listening with soft vocals and an addictive chorus.

LISTEN: "Lie Back"

WHO: Bipolar Sunshine

WHAT: Warm, intimate-sounding love songs with reggae inflections. Get ready for some serious feels, y'all.

LISTEN: "Where Did the Love Go"