a new nail trend that isn’t new at all…

by faran krentcil

This week, Dior released a limited-edition nail trio of red lacquers. Sephora x OPI added their own cherry hue, and tje scarlet shades from Chanel, NARS, and Essie have all been spotted front-and-center at various manicure hot spots around New York City - an honor usually reserved for the runway-friendly black and gray shades.

Meanwhile, the red carpets have been seeing their fair share of the trend, too.  Mary-Kate Olsen's been out and about with blood-colored talons, Jamie Chung sported her strawberry-colored manicure to the Hangover 2 premiere, Diane Kruger painted her toes red at a recent fashion party, and Rhianna picked the primary shade for performing on stage.

Last season, we were convinced a red nail was only really chic when seen on Mad Men.  This season, we might actually go back to it instead of blue or green.  But how will it work on the beach?

Chanel Dragon Red polish, $25

Dior nail polish in Red Royalty, $21

New York Color in Big Apple Creme, $1.00

Sephora x OPI in High Maintenance, $9.50

Mary-Kate Olsen