the new metropolitan by i.d. america

Memory foam earbuds make all the difference…

by Josh Madden

Halfway through our run last Saturday we hit a wall, a limit was met and a decision was made: enough with the uncomfortable in-ears! Seriously, the little rubber pieces on the inside of the headphones just weren't doing the trick anymore. So we finished the jog and head inside to figure out a solution to this comfort.

Our discovery? id America New Metropolitan aluminum, with memory foam, in-ear headphones. These babies are high definition with precision acoustics and dude, the memory's a serious difference. Their sound is quality pretty incredible, the box they came in says they're equipped with a high preformance dynamic driver and special high definition acoustic filter built-in, resultin in full, explosive bass, intense mid-range and clear treble frequency response...but all we can tell you is that we love them. Our jog this morning was so much nicer, we think the old adage that "new shoes make you run faster" but apply to headphones too. Order yours HERE and hear the difference.