The New Red-Band Trailer For ‘The Night Before’ Is Very Red Band

swearing babies tend to have that effect.

So much swearing. So many drugs. The new red-band trailer for the happy, sparkly The Night Before starring Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Anthony Mackie shifts the previous preview’s focus from JGL and onto paranoid, hallucinogen-fueled nightmares. Happy holidays, everyone!

Just to catch you up, The Night Before is the story of three Best Bros Forever having one last holiday romp together before parenthood, fame, and general adulthood tears them apart. Coming from the same team that gifted us Superbad, This is The End, and The Interview, it promises to be loud, loutish, and very, very funny. 

Not only do we get a look at Rogan’s nightmare before Christmas in this new trailer, but there’s just a little delicious peek at Broad City star Ilana Glazer’s sure-to-be-awesome cameo. Alas, we’ll have to wait to see the guest spots from Lizzy Caplan, Mindy Kaling, and Miley Cyrus (!!!) until this holiday special hits the big screen. 

The Night Before hits theaters November 20, giving you something to do instead of hitting those Black Friday sales.