Watch The Trailer for the Lance Armstrong Biopic ‘The Program’

dope? get it?

If you’re not familiar with actor Ben Foster’s face, you could be forgiven for confusing him with the real thing in this trailer for the upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic, The Program. Focusing less on Armstrong’s championship run and more on the journalistic hunt to reveal the now-disgraced cycling star’s history of doping, the flick seems to at least have Foster’s perfect impersonation going for it.

Also, The Program features star turns from solid performers including Chris O’Dowd (as the journalist on Armstrong’s tail), Jesse Plemons, Lee Pace, and Dustin Hoffman. More than that, writer John Hodge, who wrote Trainspotting, wrote the script which was directed by the esteemed Stephen Frears, who gave us Philomena, The Queen, and Dangerous Liaisons. 

Why this potential bit of Oscar bait doesn’t have a release date yet, we can’t say—but we will be there whenever and however it hits the screen. Again, Foster’s performance looks just to eerie to miss. (Coming Soon)