makeup inspired by the streets…

by nylon

We get sent a lot of beauty products, but it's not the coolest part of the job--that would be seeing the different ways our editors see inspiration in the same thing. For CK One's spring collection--the packaging and color ways were all inspired by graffiti culture and, well, the streets. After playing around with the palettes, lip colors, and nail strips--we each had completely different take on the line. But instead of telling you how inspired we were by the collection, we want to show you. Scroll down to check out our inspiration boards, along with tips to turning it into your very own beauty look. Shop the entire CK One 'Street Edition' collection now--or go with our picks below.

The Editor: Rebecca Willa Davis, Executive Web Editor The Inspiration: Japanese graphic designer Yokoo Tadanori. His psychedelic '60s posters, covers, and illustrations are all so color-saturated and bold, it's hard not to see the direct line from his pop-take on art to the tags that started covering buildings just a decade later. And what's more pop than trippy nail wraps and a practically fluoro red-orange lipstick? Products Used: CK One Street Edition Real Nail Polish Strips and CK One Street Edition Shine Lipstick in Punked

The Editor: Ray Siegel, Senior Web Editor The Inspiration: The 'Street Edition' collection could only remind me of one thing: the streets of my favorite city in the world, NYC. I chose backdrops from the famous graffiti covered building on the Bowery (I lived directly across the street), a graffiti covered stairwell, my friend Curtis Kulig's "Love Me" tag, a subway map, along with the image that most reminds me of old New York: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe hanging out on a fire escape in Brooklyn. Products Used: CK One Street Edition Eyeshadow palette in 'Vandalized' and CK One Street Edition Shine Lipstick in 'Tagged'

The Editor: Jade Taylor, Beauty Assistant The Inspiration: '90s riot grrrls. When I saw this collection, the packaging tagged with graffiti (a world run by dudes), all I could think of was, "Girly, pretty things!" The opaque nude Sketched lipstick immediately reminded me of that scene in Clueless where Cher Horowitz is daydreaming in class with her pink feather pen--she would have totally pulled out this lip color to impress Christian, because "anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good." The other lipstick, the glossy violet Painted, made me think of the song "Violet" by Hole (on my favorite album of all time Live Through This). Finally, Mink Stole as Connie Marbles in Pink Flamingos is what I thought of when I saw the nail wraps that perfectly match her living room (the one where she infamously, uh, "tells off" her guest). Products Used: CK One Street Edition Shine Lipstick in 'Sketched', CK One Street Edition Nail Strips in 'Graffiti' Check out last week's remix!