Illustration by esra røise


I Got A Facial At Work

and it was amazing.

The Ritualist comes to you—wherever you are—to give you a bespoke facial. I know this trend has gone far with makeup and hairstylists traveling to your house to help you get ready for an event, but this is on another level. Naturally, when offered this experience, I was thrilled and said yes—before remembering that I don't live in New York and would have some trouble figuring out where to tell them to come to meet me for my facial. I eventually decided that if I did the facial after hours at my office, it wouldn't be too weird, would it? The answer is no, and yes.

When the esthetician came to meet me at the office after hours, I had her set up in the only place I knew had enough space—our photography studio. I automatically started laughing to myself as I showed her the space; probably one of the weirdest places she's ever been asked to do a facial, but she kept reassuring me that I wouldn't even know we were there once she started. And she was right. I came back in to a table laid out, a robe ready for me to put on, a candle burning, and music playing. (You know, the music you only hear in a spa that basically sounds like a white-noise machine—oceans crashing with some classical music over it. Yes, that kind of music.) The lights were dimmed (thanks, NYLON for putting that feature in), and I was ready for my facial.

TBH, as soon as she started, I automatically relaxed and enjoyed every minute. Not only do you get a facial, but a neck and arm massage is included—I mean, there really is nothing better. Your esthetician evaluates your skin first as you discuss any skin-care probelms you are having. Then, your facialist blends together products with natural extracts and active ingredients in a bespoke ritual. The rest of the treatment is pretty normal for a facial—deep cleansing, toning, and exfoliation, followed by warm stones (warm stones, guys!) and topped off with a mask and moisturizer—and you're ready to look at your glowing face.

A standard, custom-blend facial is $120 at your house (or office) with neck and arm massage. And with that price, you're really living the dream.