The Shoe Dead Rabbit Hopes

watch the stunning clip for “dead rabbit hopes” here.

by liza darwin

Last we heard from Jena Malone's indie outfit The Shoe, she and bandmate Lem Jay Ignacio were prepping their new album for this summer--not to mention, sprinkling a little bit of their delicate, pop tunes upon the world with their single "Paper Cup."

Next up? The L.A. duo has just dropped a brand new video for the track "Dead Rabbit Hopes," which trust us, isn't as depressing as it sounds. In fact, the coupling of Malone's gorgeous vocals plus an equally rad (although slightly NSFW) music video make it the perfect Thursday jam. So glide into the afternoon with the clip below, and listen to more of The Shoe here. 

P.S. Want more music? Download "Paper Cup" here free!