Thief In The Night Guessing Lauren Ashleigh Kdn Music Video Premiere

a cat + mouse love game for the insta-age

If it seems like all the fresh-sounding artists are coming from the U.K., it’s because they are. Continuing that trend, East London producer Andre Thomas has a new project called Thief In The Night that takes the Disclosure-cool sound and injects more soul into it.

Featuring the smooth vocals of Lauren Ashleigh and a little help from fellow label-mate Kdn, TITN’s "Guessing" is a shoo-in for those listeners looking for a non-Top 40 song of the summer. It’s a track that spins you around without dizzying you out. Calling it a foot-tapper would be an understatement. Speaking with NYLON, Thomas described the song as “sophisticated simplicity.” He said, “All my favourite elements of music are integrated into this song...From reggae to rap, I take what I like from the genre and incorporate it in my own music. ‘Guessing’ is a good example of this.”

Indeed, “Guessing” falls outside the general genre of electronica. It’s in a category of its own. Plus, the video—which follows a cheeky version of a couple’s cat and mouse game through East London—is a joy to watch. See for yourself below.