photo courtesy of thinx

this underwear is here to make your period better

and is actually CUTE

Despite the amount of technological strides that have been made in recent years—take, say, laser hair removal, the Apple Watch, or a little thing called the internet—and the ongoing advancements for womankind (the fight for equal pay, government-sanctioned access to birth control, P!nk as a person and a concept), there are still many a changes to be made. Despite the amount of white pants-filled "sporty" commericals declaring how "great and effective [insert major feminine hygiene brand]'s new [insert activity]-proof [product]" circulating on television, tampons and pads still leak. Add to that the substantial cost women have to spend each month on feminine hygiene products, and it's really quite amazing how little has been done to advance the aforementioned products' designs after we moved past those cloth belts that Judy Blume terrified us about as kids. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to remove the need for these traditional products entirely. That's what the brand Thinx is proposing.

The woman-designed and run brand produces underwear that hopes the expell the need for pads, tampons, and panty liners. Produced in a family-run factory in Sri Lanka, the underwear has four layers that help to absorb menstrual blood and fight bacteria. Available in three different designs, each style has different absorbant properties. The thong promises to hold up to half a tampon's worth of blood, the 'cheeky' up to one tampon's worth, and hiphugger up to two tampons' worth. By using Thinx, women can help decrease their carbon impact and reduce the amount of money they spend each month. By spending between $24 and $34 on each pair (which lasts about two years), you can help cut down your cost immensely.

Marsala may be Pantone's color of the year, but that doesn't mean that your underwear needs to be.