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    by · April 22, 2015

    modeled by marykate for one.1 models and photographed by guillaume roemaet

    We may be massive fans of up-and-coming indie designers and fashion houses, but that doesn’t mean we don’t spend our weekends scouring local thrift stores for finds that are as cool as they are cheap. But after countless hours of raking through racks, one thing always becomes clear: No matter what surplus or secondhand store you choose, you always end up finding variations of the same few items. Unfortunately, commonality does not equal wearability—but with a few styling tips and tricks, you can make even the most plain or garish piece look fresh.

    Click through the gallery to see how to style five ($5) thrifted garments.

    model: marykate // one.1 models

    photographer: guillaume roemaet

    photo by by guillaume roemaet


    Once the mere byproduct of the middle-aged man’s affinity for faux-island culture, the Hawaiian shirt has made its way into nearly every Brooklynite’s wardrobe. Look for either a muted or super-bright print (anything in-between just looks off) and wear with a plain pair of cuffed jeans or cutoffs and a good old pair of Converse. Also, if you can’t find one of these shirts in the women’s section, try finding a men’s shirt with a slim fit that you can either crop or tie at the waist.

    modeled by marykate for one.1 models and photo by guillaume roemaet


    Within the dozens of denim racks at every thrift store, you will find hundreds of strange pants. Whether they have an awkward boot-cut-meets-flare-meets-skinny-jeans-meets-harem-pant leg, or if they were originally intended to be worn like an ’05 capri, nearly every denim pant is actually salvageable. Simply crop and hem the pants for a culotte-like fit and pair with a sporty, boxy crop top. Et violà.

    modeled by marykate for one.1 models and photo by guillaume roemaet


    If Alexander Wang’s SS14 collection taught us anything, it’s that there’s one instant way to make any button-up look super-cool and chic: Simply button at the top and leave the bottom buttons undone. The shirt will naturally flare out at the waist. Paired with a high-waisted short; the look is flattering and sexy without showing too much skin. (Side note: This is especially helpful if the shirt is missing buttons, as this find and many others often are.)

    modeled by marykate for one.1 models and photo by guillaume roemaet


    For a look that’s more ’90s grunge than it is great-aunt-at-church, pair with a graphic cropped tee, platform shoes, and a choker. Also, let the skirt hang low on your waist—if you place the waistline directly under the crop, it ends up looking a little too proper.

    modeled by marykate for one.1 models and photo by guillaume roemaet


    To find a vintage authentic band tee without a crazy price, venture to the black t-shirt rack first. Most finds will still have a large graphic design, so you’ll be able to incorporate color while still maintaining a rock ‘n’ roll look. Then, pair with just about anything and everything—a military jacket you find the next rack over, the frayed cutoffs at the front of the store, or even a prairie skirt like the one in the previous slide.
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