Boy Meets World

our tv issue has us thinking about the best tv show of the ’90s.

by steff yotka

The time has come for all your favorite TV shows to get back on the air, and from Parks and Rec to The Originals, the fall TV lineup has plenty of options to keep you glued to the tube for hours on end.

Still, we couldn't help but feel like something was missing... Boy Meets World. OK, we know the show is coming back (sort of) in 2014 with the spinoff series Girl Meets World centering on Cory and Topanga's daughter, Riley, but we really, really, really just want some Shawn and Mr. Feeny action in 2013. 

Our coping mechanism? Watching the below episode of BMW on repeat and attempting to recreate Topanga's striped turtleneck and shorts outfit. See it, and more of Boy Meets World's best moments, in our photo gallery.