Throwback Thursday: The Stars of ‘Fifty Shades’ on NYLON TV

on the edge of glory.

Years ago, Dakota Johnson was the blonde star of the short-lived TV show Ben and Kate and Jamie Donan was a lesser-known Irish model and actor with small parts in Marie Antoinette and Once Upon A Time. But that doesn't mean that the up-and-coming actors weren't on our radar.

In two episodes of NYLON TV, one filmed with Johnson in 2012 and another with Dornan in 2009, we talked to the Fifty Shades stars pre-massive fame about their careers and their favorite junk foods—we're talking messy hamburgers, tacos, ribs, and Chinese food. Both on the brink of success, Dornan told us about his dream role (Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire) and Johnson confessed her hidden talent (girl can shoot a gun really well). Looking back at our interviews, it's clear that the two have always been super-grounded and super-talented.

Now that they've broken the box office, these two celebs are taking on bigger challenges and adventures—but we know they're still the same mellow actors we talked to years ago. Watch our interviews with the Fifty Shades stars below.

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