throwing shade

we don’t need national sunglasses day to find an excuse to buy a new pair of sunnies.

by rebecca willa davis

Fun fact: Today is National Sunglasses Day. Which had us thinking, first, Wait that's a holiday? And then, This is totally an excuse to get a new pair of shades.

And if you're going to go for another--and let's face it, we lose them enough to justify the half-dozen that are tucked around our apartments--might as well go for a new shape. And we've got a new favorite, which we're dubbing the cat-master. Think of it as a cat eye slash Ray-Ban Clubmaster hybrid. There's a little bit of metal, a little bit of plastic, and a lot of winged attitude.

We plan on wearing them all day long to celebrate the holiday (can we take the day off for this, please?). And some of our favorite brands now carry the shape, so we totally won't get catty if you get a pair, too.

Urban Outfitters Cool Cat Sunglasses - $16

Coco & Breezy Zesiro Tortoise Shades - $175

Von Zipper Mayfield - $120

Cheap Monday Exposed Sunglasses - $40

Ray-Ban Catty Clubmaster - $155

Tiffany Sunglasses - $300

Madewell Drifter Shades - $49.50

Olive Peoples Alisha Sunglasses - $450