Timberland’s Hazel Highway: A Road Warrior’s Journey

There’s nothing NYLON Guys loves more than a good all-American road trip.more

We’ve followed Timberland’s road warriors along the I-95 corridor as they sported the latest classic boots from Timberland’s Hazel Highway Collection. Lace up and get ready for a little East Coast culture lesson—oh America the beautiful.

Timberland - Hazel Highway - Maritime from Timberland on Vimeo.

The Timberland road warriors began in North Cambridge, Mass., where suburban homes meet industrial lots, and continued south to New London, Conn., where Eli Infante of North of MAN strolled across the grounds of Old Town Mill, established in 1650. From there, the Timberland team hit Newark, “The Brick City,” where industry dominates the aesthetic and lively ethnic neighborhoods—many with a heavy Portuguese component—offer respite from labor with their choice eats and beverages.

From there, it was off to Philly’s Manayunk neighborhood, where few tourists venture, and then Baltimore, “The Charm City,” where urban renewal projects are transforming the North Castle Street area—frequently referred to as “1,000 vacant blocks”—into an up-and-coming haven for gardens, murals, and above all, hope.

Last stop: Richmond’s Pipeline Park, which you get to by traversing a tiny catwalk atop a pipeline that crosses a section of the James River. The park, like all of the aforementioned points of interest, is a great place to rock some Hazel Highway boots, and as the photos attest, Infante reached the end of the interstate expedition looking as sharp and protected from the elements as he did in Beantown.

Tough and smart—on the East Coast, that’s how we do.