Photo via @nickiminaj/Instagram

Timothée Chalamet Photobombed Nicki Minaj At Coachella

This is… hella tight

Ever find yourself wondering if Nicki Minaj knows who Timothée Chalamet is? Has she seen Call Me Be Your Name? Lady Bird? Well, friends, wonder no more because there's photographic proof of them together. Coachella, the great celebrity melting pot that it is, brought them together for enough time to snap a photo.

Minaj shared the picture on Instagram but failed to mention Chalamet's presence. Shania Twain got the shout out instead, along with The Weeknd, French Montana, Belly, and others. Look closely, though, and out from the back peeks the Academy Award nominee. What did they talk about? Does Shania Twain know who Timmy is? Did Timmy flex his rapping skills again? There is certainly a lot to unpack here. Out of all the things to happen at Beychella, this is one of the more pure and precious. It is, as Chalamet's Lady Bird character would say, "hella tight."