tinder is getting a huge makeover

introducing tinder plus

Tinder has just unveiled their new premium service, Tinder Plus, and it's a little weird. Besides the ability to go back on a swipe (in case you regret it?) the company will be charging people according to their age. 

Tinder Plus will cost people over 30 $19.99 per month, as opposed younger people, who'll have the privilege of paying $9.99 for the service. We know some thirty-somethings who already feel guilty looking for love on their smartphones—this won't help. 

The service debuted in the UK today and will be coming to North America soon. Added features will also include the ability to connect with people in other parts of the world and the ability to turn off ads, which means that in between potential soulmates you'll have to swipe through a commercial or two. 

Perhaps the biggest change—and the way Tinder plans to lure the lonely masses to their service—will be offering Tinder Plus users unlimited likes. That means that regular Tinder will no longer be infinite. Instead, you'll only have a certain number of likes that will be represented by a heart that will slowly drain. Once it's empty, you'll need to wait for the heart to refill to resume your quest for happiness. Tinder, which is wildly popular, still hasn’t found the perfect way to monetize their product. Love or hate these changes, the company stands to make a lot of money from them. 

(Via Business Insider, The Verge)