photos by haylee barsky

the cutest dog around will make your heart melt

adopt all the strays!

by leila brillson & liz riccardi

Meet Tinkerbelle. She is a tiny Papitese, and she kind of lives a life of luxury. She's modeled for Ralph Lauren, she's gone to Fashion Week, and she has even done some work for NYLON offices. But, as a shelter dog, she hasn't always been so lucky. When she was adopted by her current owner, Tinkerbelle was barely a pound. She was underfed, traumatized, and afraid of humans. But thanks to a wonderful dog-parent and a lot of cuddles, she is one of the sweetest, most adorable pups to ever grace the NYLON offices (which is saying a lot, since we <3 dogs, big time). 

So when Tinkerbelle dropped by to talk to us about the importance of adopting shelter dogs—wearing an "I HEART NYLON" shirt, no less—our hearts melted. She even insisted on modeling some of our fancy dog styles, which can all be seen and purchased at our shop. Yet, most importantly, she drove home the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of pups just like her at shelters around the country. (Tinkerbelle was found at Little Shelter on Long Island, but you can locate your local shelter here.) Even pure-bred dogs get put up for adoption, so if you must have, say, a Papitese like Tinkerbelle, you can find a breed-specific adoption group. The moral of the story: Adopt a shelter dog, and then it will become famous, like our friend Tinkerbelle. Also, your heart will be whole and all will be well in the world.

This is actually how the NYLON office is run.

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