Photo via @greta_ag


Toilet Paper Lip Art Is A Thing Now

I have to log off

When the extraterrestrials inevitably touch down on Earth and come upon Beauty Instagram, they'll wonder one thing, Are humans the most ridiculous creatures we've ever encountered or the most innovative? Case in point: toilet paper lip art.

No domestic or craft product is safe from the minds of beauty artists. Greta Agazzi used the bathroom necessity to create a look she's calling "textile lips." Really, though, it's toilet paper pressed onto the lips with metallic and matte liquid lipsticks brushed over it. The peculiar part is that it does look good. Like, editorially good. If 2016 was the year of realizing things, 2017 is the year of doing things—and Agazzi did that. Now the question is, Charmin or Quilted Northern? Two-ply seems to be the most, uh, moldable but also a little flimsy. Ultrasoft could very well be too soft to even apply and stick. Can you spare a square?