Tom Cruise Runs For His Life In The Trailer For ‘The Mummy’ Reboot

Of course he does

Universal’s new monster reboot The Mummy also happens to be a Tom Cruise movie, which means, at one point, we’re going to seem him run hard and fast, away from something that’s probably going to kill him. That moment comes at about the two-minute mark for the movie’s new trailer, and it’s one of the several thrilling sequences in the Alex Kurtzman-directed blockbuster.

The trailer opens with Cruise, members of the military, and a doctor played by Annabelle Wallis aboard a plane that’s transporting an ancient tomb. They all seem nervous, and soon we find out why. A giant swarm of bats attacks the plane, bringing it crashing to the ground. In a surprising twist, it looks like Cruise’s character does not survive the crash. The next shot is of him waking up in a morgue, wrapped in a body bag. It’s not entirely clear what that means for his character, but Kurtzman has revealed that Cruise’s character in the film is cursed and, as such, will be under control of the film’s villain. “The Mummy is making you do things you don't want to do. You're cursed. You don't know what's going on,” he said. “Suddenly, you made a very unreliable protagonist. When you do that, all bets are off."

As for who that mummy is, she’s a 5000-year-old princess, played by rising star Sofia Boutella, and she looks pissed. We learn her identity from Russell Crowe, who is playing Dr. Jekyll, and who could be the lynchpin for the shared Universal Monsters universe that Kurtzman is in charge of creating. The Mummy is the first in a planned series that will include famous characters like The Wolfman and the Frankenstein monster, with the idea being that they’ll eventually be united in one movie. Good luck with all that.

Watch the trailer for The Mummy, which comes out next May, above.