toothbrush by paul smith

Brush your choppers in style…

by nylon

Ancient civilizations used scented chew sticks as toothbrushes--so yeah, the toothbrush industry has come a long way since then. But despite all of these advancements, we know how it works: You need a new toothbrush, you run down to the closest bodega, and get the first one you see. But that was before Paul Smith decided to design a toothbrush that looks like a prop from Goldfinger. If there’s anyone who can make dental wear look cool, it’s the british designer. The novelty toothbrush is solid white with black bristles and has his signature embossed logo at the handle. The design is simple, minimalistic, and incredibly sleek. And it looks good under your bathroom mirror. Trust us, we can vouch for it. Get yours HERE.

-Rashed Aqrabawi