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what are the top emojis in every country?

hint: they’re happy ones.

Every person has their own go-to emoji, whether it's the dancer in the red dress or the classic prayer hands. Emoji is practically a language itself, we just all translate things a little differently. That's why keyboard app Swiftkey analyzed which emojis are the most used across different language keyboards.

After sorting through the data of 16 different languages, the app discovered that the #1 emoji is the laughing/crying happy face; it is used most in 11 language keyboards. Following close behind is the winking kiss face, the heavy black heart (the official name for the many-colored heart emoji), the heart-eyed face, and one sad pick: the open-mouthed tear-streaming face. As a whole, it looks like emojis are used widely to emote positive vibes.

Analysis also showed which niche emojis different countries are apt to use. Spain appreciates a good "party"-related emoji, while the French most frequently use hearts. Australia also shows that it knows how to have a good time, with it a comparatively greater use of junk food and alcohol emojis. 

Now that we've finally gotten our much-needed set of diverse emojis, it will be interesting to see how usage shifts. But at least we know that emoji has gradually become a worldwide language.

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