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we asked a topshop stylist the tough questions about finding jeans.

by nylon

We know, we know. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard. Like keeps you up at night thinking about the possibilities, the fitting room nightmares, the karate kick you have to do to get into those super skinny pairs.

So to ease your sleepless nights, we grilled Topshop Personal Shopping pro, Rachel Bass, about how she advises customers to find the perfect jeans. Girls, meet your new spirit guide (and your new favorite pair of jeans).

What style of Topshop jeans do you think works on every girl?

For me the Topshop Jean which best suits all girls figures are the Jamies. A skinny jean with stretch that sits slightly higher on the waist for a more flattering fit. The thicker denim and elasticity used gives great support and shape on girls’ hips, bum and thighs. Really comfy and creates a perfect silhouette. 

If you had to pick one staple piece to pair with your jeans, what would it be?

My wardrobe staple to wear with denim would be leather! You can't go wrong by adding a leather jacket to whatever jeans you wear! It's the oldest trick to complete your look. Simple but effective, the denim and leather combination has been around for years! And always will be! 

Chambray shirts and jeans: yay or nay?

Yay to Chambray shirts and denim!  There are probably more similarities between the two fabrics than differences. And can give the look of double denim. Which I love! Chambray is the lighter fabric out of the two originally used to make "work" shirts and denim to make "work" pants. So the two have always been worn together and still are today with modern twists! The two fabrics together creative a classic look. Real easy and timeless. 

What tips do you give girls looking to find the perfect jeans for them?

The two main tips I have for girls when they are looking for the right pair of jeans is to feel confident and comfortable in them! The comfortable factor is key. The jeans really do need to feel like your second skin so make sure the shape and size are right for you, don't follow trends and others in their denim choices really make sure you find the perfect fit and what works for you. Then the confidence will come hand in hand if you feel good you're going to look good too!

Who's your denim icon?

My denim icon is probably not an obvious one, but for me it would be Debbie Harry.  In the late '70s, the punk icon had a certain way of making her denim choices look tough and sexy! She looked powerful! And wasn't scared to experiment with pieces or be different. She looked amazing and she knew it!

For inspiration on how to style your Topshop denim, view Rachel's slideshow here:

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