total request live

mac’s cult favorites are back from the dead.

by rebecca willa davis

Today MAC announced that, for the second year, they're doing MAC By Request, a program where they tap the most popular discontinued shades of lipstick and eyeshadow and have you--the users, who hoarded pans of Ashbury shadow or tubes of Glam lipstick--vote on which six (three lip, three eye) shades will be available for purchase once more come spring '14.

The products run the gamut, from 1992's white shimmer Chill to 2000's fuchsia Pink Poodle, and their return is up for voting today through July 21. And though we've got our own favorites, it also got us thinking: Why don't more brands have this brilliant idea to bring back old favorites?

If we could, here are a few things we wish someone would bring back:

X-Girl Clothing by Kim Gordon. Because Gordon is never not in style (and a V Files mini collection just isn't enough).

SNL's Stefon. Because there will always be preposterous clubs to make fun of. And just because he's only been gone for a month doesn't mean we'll be able to cope.

9&Co. This Nine West spin-off was hands-down the coolest mall store in the '90s--where else could you pick up a baby tee featuring a kitten face in a lava lamp? Exactly.

Twin Peaks or Party Down. Two very different shows, two very big cult followings. Let's pull an Arrested Development on this, please!

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. We know that they're not a brand, but we still want them back. Because, duh.

The White Stripes. Well it's true that we love one another....

Are we missing anything? Let us know in the comments below, and then vote for your favorite MAC By Request picks here!

Flavour (circa 1994)

Rozz (circa 1990)

Pink Poodle (circa 2000)

Ashbury (circa 1990)

Butterscotch (circa 1990)

Chill (circa 1991)

Diesel (circa 1994)