the girls go south of the border!

by liza darwin

Last month, Warpaint embarked on a major tour through Mexico and South America, hitting up everywhere from Santiago to Mexico City to Bogota. It was their fifth continent in just a year (!), and Emily, Theresa, Jennifer, and Stella were nice enough to take us along for the ride in their new tour diary. So even if you weren't lucky enough to catch them perform yourself, live vicariously through the images from tour photographer Robin Laananen and bassist/vocalist Jenny's captions below.

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A moment of bliss...I couldn't be happier in this moment..

Theresa banging around at our show in Rio. It was

the coolest venue ever... too bad for me, I had caught a bug, so I was perched on the floor... bummer!!!!

Emily incognito ninja styles, in Rio , sporting our

dear friend Derek's vestal sunglasses...

Cuddles... best friends forever! I am playing with my hair per usual. This was in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The cutest lil thang I ever did see in Santiago... unfortunately I was unable to meet this lil honey in real life...

This was a TV show we played in Sao Paulo, Brazil.... an ample amount of Red Bull and a gang of laughter was what took place pre- show.

Here we have a brilliant piece of art probably done by a 5-year-old in Mexico City... its power and beauty brought Stella to tears shortly after this photo was taken...

"I didn't know they spoke Portuguese in Portugal?"