Tove Lo’s New Single “Cool Girl” Is A Late Contender For Song of the Summer

Be free

Last night, Lorde casually dropped a tweet about how Tove Lo was going to casually drop the "pop song of the summer." 

Today the Swedish star did just that with the release of her new single "Cool Girl," which is a jam. We're going to have to test this one out on a rooftop or by the pool before anointing it the pop song of the summer, but based on several first listens, we’re telling you it has a chance. Tove Lo teased that her upcoming album will have "a dark techno vibe," and this track points in that direction, with her brushing off of monogamy over an elastic and R&B-inspired groove. "Let's not put a label on it, let's keep it fun," she sings in the song's intro before it breaks into its defiant chorus which repeats the song's title like a mantra. 

Leading up to the release, Tove Lo has been teasing the track with video GIFs on her Instagram account, one of which was her mooning the camera on top of a mountain with the lyrics "I wanna be free like you" underneath. (She seems pretty free to us!) It's been two years since Queen of the Clouds announced Tove Lo as a force on the pop music landscape. Since then, she's remained relevant thanks to collaborations with the likes of Nick Jonas and Alesso, and anticipation for her sophomore release is rightfully sky high. Listen to the track below.