Tove Lo Shows Us How To Be A Really “Cool Girl”

It’s not what you think

For her sophomore album, Lady Wood, Tove Lo isn't holding anything back. The Swedish pop star makes that all the more clear in the music video for "Cool Girl," which shows her shaving her head, writhing atop a car in a deserted hotel parking lot, and licking a translucent coffin. 

From the start, Tove Lo is a bad girl on the run—from what or whom, we don't know. What we do know is that the visual is a thrilling episode of destruction that ends with (spoiler alert) a seedy hotel room engulfed in flames and a dramatic car crash. The visual is just as liberating as the track itself, which takes down the myth of the "cool girl" with effortless snark: "Let's not put a label on it, let's keep it fun," Tove Lo sneers.

The lawless storyline is eerily similar to the runaway scenes in Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, the book (and David Fincher-directed film) that coined "cool girl" in a now-iconic passage. Tove Lo is now taking her talents to film as well. The newly released video is part of a forthcoming short film titled "Fairy Dust Chapter 1."

Lady Wood drops on October 28, with a short film to follow later in the year. Watch the explosive visual in its hair-raising entirety, below.