look posh, help out.

by faran krentcil

As you can tell from today's cover reveal of Lea Michele, we love Glee. But despite our deep affection for McKinley High students, we're just as smitten with The Warblers, the group of preppy crooners led by Darren Criss and sporting navy and crimson schoolboy jackets. (Guess they couldn't decide between Harvard and Yale, huh?) Smythe apparently harbors our study hall crush, because the Canadian label recently debuted the Warbler Tribute Blazer. Featuring a shrunken fit and alternating stripes, the jacket is a great Fall topper and an apt ode to the uniformed heartthrobs. And wait, there's more... For every purchase of the $695 jacket, Smythe gives a portion of proceeds to anti-bullying initiatives in North America. The move is both a nod to Glee's groundbreaking characters, and also a bit of a family affair: Designer Christie Smythe's brother, Thomas, produced the famously touching It Gets Better campaign last year in Canada.

Smythe Warbler Tribute Blazer, $695 at Singer22. Visit It Gets Better online to see how to get involved.