Watch Daniel Craig Steal The ‘Logan Lucky’ Trailer

Channing Tatum and Adam Driver are pretty great, too

The trailer for Logan Lucky opens by reminding you it's been directed by the guy who made not just Ocean’s Eleven, but numbers Twelve and Thirteen, too. That guy would be Steven Soderbergh, and indeed Logan Lucky looks and feels like an Ocean’s movie, but one that’s rated R for red state. In it, Channing Tatum and Adam Driver play down-and-out brothers with Southern drawls who decide to take their hard luck into their own hands by robbing the Charlotte Motor Speedway during a big NASCAR race. Tatum’s character doesn’t seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, and Driver’s is missing an arm. It’s a long way from the suave suits and Vegas glitz that became associated with the Ocean’s movies. Even the movie’s poster invites you to witness “how the other half steals.”

To help the brothers on their mission, they recruit an ex-con named Joe Bang, played by a bleach blonde and tattooed Daniel Craig, in a performance so untamed that it might just erase James Bond as Craig’s most memorable role. Also in the movie, as this trailer makes abundantly clear, are Riley Keough, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank, Katherine Waterston, and Katie Holmes, all of whom seem like perfect fits in the wacky world Soderbergh has created. Logan Lucky hits theaters on August 18. Check out the trailer above.