thanks, i got it in paris…

by ali hoffman

True story: Every time I travel oversees, I end up returning home with at least one what-was-I-thinking purchase.

I've dubbed this problem "shopper's lag," in which items obtained on foreign seas are often purchased out of fear one might never see them again.

And up until now, I've feared it was incurable.

Enter Shoptiques, a new online shopping destination offering the coolest items from some of the most treasured boutiques around the globe. Since launching earlier this year, the site's conquered dozens of secret clothing and jewelry haunts throughout the U.S. But this week, the ultra-curated ecommerce platform is officially international, adding an eclectic mix of super on-trend clothing, bags, and accessories from over 20 boutiques in Paris.  And though we can't be certain where they'll be conquering next, we hear rumors of Tokyo and Bali...

To kick off their launch, check out our must-have picks below--sold exclusively at shops in Paris (and now via Shoptiques).

Guess you won't have to fly all the way to Rome if you change your mind on that leather satchel after all.