Treated Crew X Stüssy X Saint Alfred

The #1 Crew releases a collection with our favorite brand…

by Josh Madden

Treated Crew X Süssy X Saint Alfred

The Chicago collective known as 

Treated Crew

has been building momentum and gaining the attention of fans, but there's more to this organization than meets the eye. First of all, there are names that could be dropped and music associations that can be made, but that isn't even where the genius of the self-proclaimed "tribe" begins.


Treated Crew

, while it may appear as a music or street affiliated collective, came together in the early 2000's when cousins Nigel Holt and Emmanual "Mano" Nickerson decided to enlist lifelong friend Mic Terror to make a stated effort for all things art and culture related in their hometown of Chicago. While the crew started mixing it up in the music scene nationally, traveling together, performing together, they were in action making a name for themselves in fashion in Japan. The three Treated founders began traveling the states and out to Japan incessantly, leaving their mark wherever they went and enlisting new, like minded members.

Some dozen or so years later the 

Treated crew

is not only internationally known, but boasts members who specialize a myriad of vocations, from professional barbers and tattoo artists to directors, engineers, and of course, fashion designers. Don't get it twisted either--Treated isn't just for the fellas, Drea Smith of He Say, She Say and Pyyramids is down for the crew, too.

All of this brings us to cause for today's announcement:

Stüssy, founded in the early '80s, steeped in international culture has joined together with the creative collective and longtime friends and family Chicago-based boutique and brand 

Saint Alfred

to present the “Treated Tribe” collection. The range consists of a crewneck sweatshirt, long sleeve T-shirt, three graphic short sleeve T-shirts, and a beanie all designed and curated exclusively by crew members. In addition to the clothing collaboration Treated Crew will release a 15 track album[,] which features a slew of both established artists and a whole new generation of stars. Contributors include Mic Terror, Mano, Hollywood Holt, Gzus Piece, Jon James, Saint Millie, He Say/Say She, Sulaiman, Max Wonders, A.K., Nick Junior, HighLife, Lee Majorz & PST Saint. Production from Mano, Mike Dean/MWA, Cardo & GWebbie. Guest features from Count, and Fredo Santana are also included.

The “Treated Tribe” collection will release at 

Saint Alfred

and globally at Stussy Chapter stores 

May 31st

and at

12pm PST, June 2nd.

Stüssy Japan will host an event with Treated Crew 

on May 31st

in Tokyo. Check out the campaign, featuring Pusha T, above and set your alarm for release day as this special edition is sure to sell out fast. Follow Treated Crew on Twitter 


and you can find Stüssy