Troye Sivan Throws The House Party You Never Had In “Youth” Video

Hey, Amandla Stenberg!

House parties in movies, TV, and music videos are never, ever like the ones in real life. That party Lady Gaga attended in the "Just Dance" video? In what world does that actually happen: inflatable pools with beach toys for grinding on, people sleeping on the front lawn, and living room-clearing dance offs? Okay, maybe in the Cobra Snake's version of Los Angeles that happened, but not anywhere else. Either way, they're fantasies we all, at one point or another, wanted to escape to. You can add Troye Sivan's new video for "Youth" to the running list.

Drenched in blue, pink, and purple light, Sivan careens around a house decked out in dreamscapes. There's a room exclusively for roller skating, a room filled with plush animals (there's a theme here, huh?), and lights made for basement clubs. Understandably, this is meant to be a fantasy, an ode to reckless abandon. Like Sivan's previous videos, it's refreshing to see an honest, natural portrait of LGBTQ youth in such a mainstream visual. "Youth" is the kind of party we all longed for as teens and thought we'd get as adults. Life ain't that cute, though. Thankfully, there's Sivan and his friends, like Amandla Stenberg (who makes a cameo in the video,) to keep the dream alive.

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