Tweens Dating Habits - Love Romance Tips

it’s the halcyon days, really

Ah, to be young, innocent, and in “love.” Teenage—nay, tweenage romance was bliss. There was no worry over who pays for the meal or having to have the dreaded “What are we?” conversation. It was easy: I like you, you like me, let’s hug.

The Atlantic’s latest installment to its "Ask a Tween" series tackles the very subject. The times sure have changed, but it’s comforting to know young love is still as awkward as ever. Yet, they’re oddly similar to adult dating habits, too. They like to keep things chill and go on dates to Starbucks or Chipotle (with their parents' money, probably). Hell, one smooth talker even knows the perfect way to ask someone out on a date: Pull the ‘ol “I just bought two One Direction tickets and my friend can’t come, would you like to join me?” trick. Granted, they probably wouldn’t be alone, but still.