Tyler, the Creator Wants to Give You a Car

If you take the bus to this Saturday's Camp Flog Gnaw 2014 festival at the Park at the L.A. Coliseum, don't buy a roundtrip ticket.more

If your momma's dropping you off, tell her she might not have to pick your ass up. The reason: Tyler, the Creator is giving away a car, and the price of admission gets you a raffle ticket. And people say Tyler's a bad dude.

And it's not some rusted-out hoopty the Odd Future rapper, producer, director, fashion designer, and celebrated troublemaker is giving out. It's a custom 1990 BMW 325is, complete with sweet red and white stripes, courtesy of Flognaw Motors. Tickets are just $65, so even if the CFG lineup weren't so badass, attendance might be worth it from a gambling standpoint.

About that lineup: Pharrell, Rick Ross, Mac Millar, and Earl Sweatshirt join Tyler atop a hella stacked bill that also includes Action Bronson, The Internet, Murs, Freddie Gibbs, Dem Atlas, and Cherry Glazer.

In a promo video for the Beemer giveaway (see below), Tyler takes the car for a test drive, and it appears to accelerate like a mofo and handle like a dream. Also, it'll be totally free for whichever lucky Flog Gnaw attendee has the golden ticket. And just in case you need one more reason to hit up Flog Gnaw, Tyler will be hawking copies of his brand-new Making of the Wolf DVD, which comes with a signed photo book and two-song cassette. That package will be available at the Illegal Civilization table, as well as on the Ill-Civ website.