TYSM’s New Song Is Wonderfully Creepy

“Ghost White Dress” is premiering here

There's something eerily seductive about a haunting, isn't there? Yeah, it's unnerving, but you can't deny there's something a little alluring about sharing a space with a ghost. On the other hand, we could also just be under the influence of TYSM's new song, "Ghost White Dress." It's got that sexy bass line action you can't help but feel feelings for. Sue us.

"Ghost White Dress" is the latest from TYSM, a solid member of Felix Snow's EFFESS empire. Like her massive single "Honeymoon Phase," this track thrives on a bit of pop surrealism and an expert use of chopped-up vocals. It's playful, but a bit deranged. TYSM is taking the whole "til death do we part" thing a little too seriously. But hey, sometimes love makes us a little mad. TYSM says the song is, "Alanis Morissette surfacing in the form of progressive pop." One thing's for sure: This jagged little pill goes down easy.

Listen, below.