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uma thurman has a whole new look

less makeup, more wow

On days when we snooze through our alarm and are forced to forgo our cat-eye and mascara, we generally look like we've just emerged from a three-week-long bender. But when Uma Thurman does it, well, she becomes a whole other beautiful creature—one that appears to possesses the answers to all of the world's untold mysteries.

Last night, at the premiere for her NBC miniseries The Slap, the 44-year-old actress substituted her signature subtly defined eye for a bare lid. A brushed-out brow, glossy red lip, and slicked-back hair balanced out the look just so. Call it the red carpet's no-makeup makeup look, the face of our dreams, or a shock to the system (as we said before, she does look like an entirely new person)—but it's something that only she, Tilda Swinton, and the Olsen twins could pull off. (Fox Mulder, if you're reading, please investigate.)