Rooney Mara And Ben Mendelsohn Own The Intense ‘Una’ Trailer

Riz Ahmed also makes an appearance

Flying under the awards season radar is Una, a devastating new drama that features what looks to be ferocious performances from its two leads. The movie’s new trailer hit the internet today, and it showcases both Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn putting on an acting clinic as two people with an extremely complicated history. Rooney plays the title character who, 15 years earlier, before she was a teenager, was ensnared in a sexual relationship with her neighbor, played by Mendelsohn. Now an adult, she abruptly shows up at his workplace, only to discover that he’s managed to bury his past and reinvent his life, in part by changing his name. One of his co-workers at the warehouse he works at is played by Riz Ahmed, who may or may not strike up a connection with Mara’s character. The tension in the trailer—and we assume the movie—lies in the possibility of her derailing all that.

Una played at both the Toronto and Telluride film festivals last year and failed to gain steam during awards season for both Mara and Mendelsohn's tour de force performances. But with a prime October 13 release date, the well-reviewed movie might have a second shot at getting some recognition for its two leads. Watch the trailer for Una, above.