Tatia PIlieva Undress Me Video

the director of “first kiss” takes things to second base in her new video.

by liza darwin

That "First Kiss" video from a few months back may have started as an ad campaign for Wren, but it took approximately five minutes for the clip--which features a handful of strangers making out--to go viral. And we're not talking "post to a friend's Facebook wall" viral. Instead, the black-and-white vid went on to score over 86 million YouTube views, a CLIO Image Award....and a sequel?

Yep, that's right. Director Tatia PIlieva has just unveiled her follow-up movie, and she's taking things to second base. "Undress Me" is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, she asks random people to take off each other's clothes and get into bed. But don't worry--while the concept sounds explicit, it's actually 100-perfect safe for work (we swear!) and oddly intimate. Oh, and whereas "First Kiss" was a fashion film for the Wren clothing line, this one's to promote the Showtime series Masters Of Sex. 

Makes sense, right? Watch "Undress Me" below and and get a refresher on the original here, too.