And This Year’s Best Halloween Party Is Going To Be…

Save that date

by nylon

The toast of Los Angeles' Halloween celebrations is getting celestial this year. We're partnering with UNICEF Next Generation for its annual masquerade ball and helping turn eyes to the nighttime sky in search of constellations, meaning, and all things occult. Fancy personifying your zodiac sign? Here's your chance.

Tickets to this year's ball, taking place October 27 at Clifton's Republic, are available now. (Donations, which benefit UNICEF's emergency funds and empowering Syrian refugee women in Jordan, are also accepted here.)

"It was hard to top last year's Wes Anderson theme," Matthew Herman, co-chair of this year's ball, says. "It was kitschy and colorful, which really resonated with attendees. People went all out with their outfits." (Proof this way!) This year, Anderson tells us, is geared toward all things mysterious, chic, and the "beyond." Herman says, "With things in the world feeling more unstable than ever, we are all looking to the future and looking for signs of hope." You can expect a bevy of tarot, astrology, and other metaphysical elements to help set the scene.

Herman continues, "We think everyone will be very surprised and astonished by what we have in store: turning the entrance into a celestial sea map, the basement into a séance grotto, and the main floors into an alchemical 'tree of life.'" Say no more. We'll never miss a chance to channel our inner occult celestial being. You already had us at "masquerade," anyway.

See you under the stars!