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Tooth & Nail Introduces The Unicorns Vs. Mermaids Palette

It’s the Sophie’s Choice of mythical creatures

by Sarah Beauchamp

With unicorns and mermaids making a big comeback in pop culture, we hoped we'd never have to choose between the two. But now Tooth & Nail Cosmetics has introduced the Unicorns Vs. Mermaids Palette. Let the feud begin.

Each kit has six brightly colored highlighters. The top row is dedicated to mermaids, with shimmery shades like "Plenty O' Finboys," an iridescent silver-blue, "Poseidon Issues," a violet that turns mint green in light, and "Ursula Complex," a deep yellowish gold. On the unicorn side, we have "Magical AF," a bubblegum pink with blue and purple highlights, "Holocron," a violet with rainbow tones, and "Non-Believer," a rose gold shade.

The North Carolina-based beauty brand is known for making highly pigmented hues. So no matter what side of this magical feud you're on, the color is bound to look amazing. The limited-edition palettes will be available on July 14 for $48.50. 

Check out all the new superhuman shades below.