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these are the top u.s. cities for getting laid

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When your love life seems to slow to a standstill, don't blame your (obviously good) looks or your (charming, effervescent) personality. You may just, in fact, live in a city that simply does not have love in the air. And so, it may be in your best interest to pick up and move to a place where lovin' comes easy.

But granted, life is not a rom-com and not everyone is looking for long-term relationships—and that's alright! C'est la vie. So, Thrillest took a look at the top 30 cities in the United States with the busiest Tinder markets, which honestly, seems to be a pretty good indicatior of how much casual sex people in those areas are having. (We're not talking, here.) Add in some other factors—number of bars per 100 people, percentage of singles, and ratios of women to men (so heteronormative)—and you're left with a list of 15 cities that make it pretty easy to get lucky—so if you're just trying to hook up, one of these locations will increase your chances:

15. Los Angeles, California

14. Columbus, Ohio

13. Tampa, Florida

12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

11. Oakland, California

10. Dallas, Texas

9. Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Houston, Texas

7. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5. New York, New York

4. Washington, D.C.

3. Miami, Florida

2. Atlanta, Georgia

1. Chicago, Illinois

So, the Windy City may just be hook-up heaven. Maybe it's something in that deep-dish pizza. 

(via Thrillist)