valentino x gap is alive, well, and selling online.

by faran krentcil

When Gap announced its collaboration with Valentino - a nod to their new store in Milan - American style junkies cried foul. The clothes wouldn't be carried in US stores, and we knew their eBay prices would be jacked beyond belief.

But it turns out the panic, while understandable, isn't completely justified.  The French boutique Colette ships anywhere in Les Etats Unis, and happens to have five of the seven Valentino x Gap pieces in stock.  It's not a perfect solution - they don't have all the clothes in all the sizes - but you've definitely got some options.

And if Colette can't help you out, try Net-a-Porter.  They have a slew of Red Valentino clothes on sale right now - and some are even cheaper than the Gap stuff.  Try to stay calm while ordering, okay?

Click through the gallery for links to buy each piece.

Valentino x Gap jacket, about $200. Available in XS (American sizes 0-4).

Valentino x Gap jacket, about $170. Available in all sizes.

Valentino x Gap parka, about $260. Available in XS and S (US sizes 0-6).

Valentino x Gap skirt, about $131. Available in XS - M (US sizes 0-8).

Valentino x Gap pants, about $184. Available in XS, M, and L (US sizes 0, 2, 4, 10, 12, 14).

Red Valentino shirt at Net-a-Porter, $175.

Red Valentino coat at Net-a-Porter, $398.

Valentino jellies, Nordstrom. $295.