vans collaborates with disney

and makes all our childhood dreams come true

Have you ever thought of Mickey Mouse and Pluto as a duo similar to Marc Jacobs and Neville Jacobs? Well, I have—and I got to tell them. Vans sent me to Disneyland to celebrate their new collaboration, and I got one-on-one time with all the OG Disney characters. I also got to preview all the Vans x Disney collection, ride some awesome rides and do a scavenger hunt showing how "off the wall" I could really be. In the video above, watch me me talk fashion to Minnie, and (maybe?) insult Goofy just a little bit.

The Vans x Disney collaboration is definitely one of my favorites I've ever seen. Girls, guys, kids, moms, dads—it's for everyone. They feature the likes of the Fab Five (i.e. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, and Pluto), and my favorite Winnie the Pooh on sneakers as well as clothing and accessories. They've also released a collection for all you wanna-be princesses, featuring Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine on their own shoes and clothing, and a print with a collage of all the princesses if you don't want to single one out as your favorite. You can shop the collection now at

—grab it all now before it sells out.